MedPack Vol. 1

This is the first, and admittedly somber volume of tracks for the MedPack sessions, which we have been creating since moving into our new studio space for Glitch Mode Recordings in downtown Chicago this past October.

Cyanotic - MedPack Vol. 1


01. Monochrome Skies [Grey Version]
An alternate version of a favorite song from The Medication Generation album. Programming and vocals by Sean Payne. Bass guitar by JP Anderson. Guitars by Chris Hryniewiecki and Jamie Duffy. Mixing by Sean Payne and Jamie Duffy.

02. A Still Light Sun
Imagine a burnt red sun rising over a futuristic metropolis in 2090 AD. Programming by Sean Payne. Mixing by Sean Payne and Jamie Duffy.

03. Hibernol [Featuring Hulverhead]
Robo-swamp funk. From the makers of Comadose®. Programming and vocals by Sean Payne. Bass guitar by G Benjamin Ensor. Horns by Tony Smith. Mixing by Sean Payne and Jamie Duffy.

04. Formless Memories [Part 1] + 05. Formless Memories [Part 2]
The last two tracks are meant as a soundtrack to a cyborg orgy in the post-apocalpyse. Or something. Originally made as a score for a movie that doesn’t exist. Yet. Programming and mixing by Sean Payne.

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Sean Payne @ Glitch Mode Studios – Chicago, IL during a single week in January 2012.

Thanks to Candice Payne, Jamie Duffy, JP Anderson, Susan Ransom, Michael Hodes, Jason Geisinger, ToneZone, Tranq, Tom George, James Rhodes @ Fixt, Eric and Tonya @ Bit Riot, Dave Schock, Jason Prost, Snapback and Benjamin Ensor.


Cyanotic – MedPack Vol. 1

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