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The Shizit - The Shizit

The Shizit – The Shizit
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Credits and copyright info

These songs were written and recorded by JP between July 20th and September 20th, 2009, except Wasting Away which is a cover of a Nailbomb track (appears on Point Blank). A guitar, bass, keyboard, voice, and drum machine were used. Recorded in my apt/garage aka the “rabbit hut”. Sean Payne, of Cyanotic, also contributed to this record. He programmed the Gabber kicks on Civilization Extermination and Wasting Away, the bit crushed intro to Seeing Is Destroying, all of the bit crushed, mangled programing in Levels and made several useful suggestions in terms of final mixes and song order. I greatly appreciated his help and enthusiasm regarding this project.

This album is dedicated to Professors Jewel, Al-Madani, and Hinckley of Seattle Central Community College. I would also like to thank Professors Cauter and Waluconis & without their support this album may not have been possible.

The album art was done by JP. Yay for him.

This album, lyrics, album art, and .zip or .rar is released for free under Creative Commons license. Distribute, Share, spin, host, but NOT for commercial use. Though if you have an internet radio station that hosts ads, no worries. Remix or sample audio, but give credit and only share alike (that is, no commercial use & don’t remix a track and try and sell it, but release it for free. Just give proper credit and tell me about it, eh!). Album art, lyrics, and other documents are not to be altered, please. Feel free to post lyrics, just credit: JP Anderson, The Shizit.

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